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Text Of Festival

Gigs. I've been to over 250 in my 50 years on this planet, and it was my main leisure activity for a long period of my life. I say "was" because this year so far I've been to but one gig (reviewed here ), although there is a long anticipated concert by Porcupine Tree at The Royal Albert Hall coming up next month. In 1979 I went to 28, and that's just the ones I could recall or had ticket stubs from when I first started keeping a list in about 1985. The actual total to date is probably at least 20 more than the 261 recorded.

The title of this ramble is taken from a 1983 Hawkwind live album. Hawkwind are the makers of what in my opinion is the best live album of all time, 1973's Space Ritual, now available in expanded form on remastered CD. A must have for any collection. Despite this I never saw the 'Wind in their prime, although I did catch the punked up version Hawkl…

Gong - Acid Motherhood

Gong have been going in one form or another for over 40 years now, some giving them the epithet "The European Grateful Dead" for the legion of loyal fans, community even, that surrounds them, and also for their similar acid drenched beginnings. Like The 'Dead, I have always struggled to get into Gong, and their innate silliness prevents me from listening to the few albums I have by them on anything more than a very occasional basis.

The 2004 version of the band, still fronted by Daevid Allen, and featuring co-founder Gilli Smith on one track are here teamed up with Kawabata Makoto (guitars & bazouki) & Cotton Casino (synths & voices) from the equally bizarre Acid Mothers Temple, a band whose promise more often than not far exceeds their delivery. Prince is or was famous for his lack of quality control, releasing lots of below par stuff, but he's got nothing on these guys who seem to release absolutely everything they put on tape, and at an alarming rate. …