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Scott Walker - 5 Easy Pieces

If like me you tend to get periods when you're obsessed with a particular group or artist, you could do a lot worse than put Scott Walker on heavy rotate. This highly ironically titled 5 cd themed career retrospective released in 2003 is now hard to get hold of, and is anything but "Easy". It remains a consummate overview of the many splendoured thing that is the journey of Noel Scott Engel. The man has covered everything from crooning ballads to love songs to Northern European minimalism to film music to out and out strangeness, and having the weird distinction of featuring a side of pork as a rhythm instrument on the extremely dense and almost impenetrable 2005 cd The Drift, this man is a minefield of musical complexity unlike any other.

Starting off in the mid sixties as a teenybop pin up with the Walker Brothers, by 1967 he had had enough and went solo. In under two and a half years he had released the now legendary four numbered albums (Peter Gabriel was obviously …