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UK - Under The Bridge, Chelsea, London, 24th May 2012

A sweltering afternoon in London greeted us two merry gigsters as we stepped off the train at Euston station. The obligatory visit to Fopp, our CD emporium of choice (disappointing, no tempting back catalogues at silly prices this time round) was followed by a pint and a meal in a nearby hostelry, and later another pint and a much delayed meeting with PD, head honcho of a rather fine prog group on Facebook. It's always good to actually meet Facebook "friends", as the much-maligned social networking behemoth really serves its purpose when web links become real people.

I'm digressing again aren't I? Under The Bridge is a small club underneath Stamford Bridge football ground, home of newly-crowned European champions, Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge, situated on the Fulham Road is in one of the swankiest areas of London and is an incongruous place for a football ground, which are usually in more prosaic working class areas. An example of the smell of loot in the locale w…


For those that don't know, Pat Mastelotto & Trey Gunn were the rhythm section in the last working King Crimson line up. They got together in a loft studio in 2002 during time out from rehearsing Crimson's Power To Believe and improvised the music that ended up being released as "TU" the following year. This CD had been unavailable since then until being reissued last year.

Ambient washes precede a crashing drum intro from the redoubtable Pat Mastelotto on opener Untamed Chicken and Trey Gunn proceeds to add cacophonous Warr guitar to the mix as the beats pound along. A thoroughly unhinged intro to an album that is definitely not for the lover of conventional song structure.

<p><a href="">Absinthe & A Cracker by TU (Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto)</a></p>


The Tea Club - General Winter's Secret Museum

Another trawl through my pile of unreviewed CDs reminded me that General Winter's Secret Museum by The Tea Club has been played so much that it has got promoted to the "heavy rotate" pile, and as such I've neglected to sit down and shower it with a deluge of adjectives, for which omission I can only apologise to the band. Listen to it here, and read on...

Formed in Deptford, New Jersey in 2003 by brothers Dan and Patrick McGowan, the band had released a number of EPs (which I must check out) prior to this, their first album proper in 2008. It is indeed quite amazing that The Tea Club number only three members, Patrick on guitars, bass and vocals, Dan on guitars and vocals, and drummer Kyle Minnick, for the expansive sound on the album would indicate a far larger ensemble.

As they are a trio with progressive inclinations, inevitable comparisons are to be made with prog behemoths Rush and modern pop-proggers Muse. There are snatches of the influence of both those band…