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New releases from Moonjune!

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Chapter One by I Know You Well Miss Clara

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The 6th Story by simakDialog

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Joget Kahyangan by Dewa Budjana (feat. Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Johnson, Peter Erskine & Janis Siegel)

All well worth our time, I've no doubt.

La Coscienza di Zeno - Sensitività

La Coscienza di Zeno formed in Genoa in 2007, and they released their now hard to find self-titled debut album back in 2011 on Italian label Mellow Records

The band are named after a novel by Italo Svevo. La Coscienza di Zeno, or "The Confessions of Zeno", is a fictional diary written by the protagonist at the behest of his psychiatrist, depicting his problems with his business partner, his father, his wife, and his addiction to smoking, shining a spotlight on the contradictions therein. The diary was published by the psychiatrist in revenge for Zeno suddenly discontinuing his visits. Sounds like an interesting read!

Keyboard player and lyricist Stefano Agnini used themes from the novel in the lyrics for CdZ's first album, and it is fairly clear on listening that the lyrics are an important part of the musical jigsaw. Unless the lyricist writes in a fictional language, or is Jon Anderson at his most fanciful, understanding the lyrics in their native tongue is obviously …

The Stargazer's Assistant - Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids

The Stargazer's Assistant is a side project of Guapo co-founder, David J. Smith. In that band he is a tremendously imaginative drummer and percussionist, but here he spreads his wings to experiment with many instruments and found sounds (see below), only to fall just short of "playing" a kitchen sink.

This delightfully presented double 10" 33rpm set is encased in a fine art print, and the whole package is simple yet effective, evoking just the right mood to compliment the wide cinematic vistas of the music. The art was by Patti Jordan, the design by Keith Utech, also the man behind the label of this release.

The album consists of a new EP Mirrors & Tides, which comprises the first three tracks, and a reissue of the Shivers & Voids EP from 2008, again on Utech Records.

Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids by The Stargazer’s Assistant

Our journey begins with Coral Butterfly. We enter a submerged dreamscape through a portal provided by way of an analogue ta…

Five Years Of Kscope - Two Nights At The Garage - Night One, 24th July 2013, The Garage, Highbury, London

Another day in London for the intrepid gig-going duo from Shoesville, as the capital seems to be the only place within a sensible distance that you will consistently find interesting gigs these days. Quite what has happened to the gig circuit in this country is a discussion for another time, I'm sure.

Arriving on a pleasantly warm mid-afternoon after a leisurely train journey to the capital, Phil W and I for some reason thought that heading over to Covent Garden for a long cool drink would be good idea, forgetting what a tourist trap that area has always been. £3.75 for a Mint Cooler, which was essentially a glass of real lemonade with some lime segments and mint leaves floating in it highlighted that particular financial folly. Still, it did the job.

We then tubed it to Highbury & Islington, a locale where you can buy a flat over a shop for a mere £475000, or rent something similar for upwards of £800 a week, Apparently this area is des-res, though from a stroll up the the Ho…

Rhùn - Ïh

Rhùn are a French band, obviously in thrall to Magma, right down to the sub-Kobaïan language their songs are sung in, by a band-leader drummer in partnership with a female lead, no less!

With the apt tag line "Fanfare du chaos", Rhùn charge straight into your personal space with opener Toz, the first of three tracks that comprised their debut EP Ïh, released back in December 2012, and now represented here along with three earlier demos to flesh out the running time to a not over-taxing forty one minutes. The whole thing has been mastered by the skilful hands of Udi Koomran to his usual high fidelity standard.

Ïh by Rhùn

This is the previous edition of the EP. For the remastered samples, go here:

Thanks to Udi Koomran for putting me right!

Toz is a crazy runaway train of a track, featuring traditional Zeuhl call-and response vocals, honking saxes, wild guitar sections, and all-encompassing madness. It is a fitting introduction to Rhùn's wild but familiar universe. Then we …

uKanDanZ - Yetchalal

And now for something...a bit different. Describing themselves on their website,  somewhat aptly one has to say, as "Ethiopian Crunch Music", uKanDanZ are a unique amalgam of French jazz and rock players delivering an almost ska-like sound filtered through a Gallic RIO blender, and played at volume 11, and an Ethiopian singer by the name of Asnaké Gèbrèyès. This certainly is a "crunch"!

Back in 2010 they were a quartet playing ethnic jazz when they met up with Asnaké in Addis Ababa, and made the demo which eventually led to the album.

The CD version was issued in 2012, and this year saw the release of the vinyl version. It was probably down to cost, but they should have stuck with the CD cover for the record too, as it gives a little clue as to the sheer amount of joy and energy expressed within, something the rather stark LP cover (to your right) fails to do.

The music presented on Yetchalal is a non-stop burst of primal ethnic-jazz vibrancy, topped off with As…