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Cuneiform September & October releases

Some highly interesting sounds coming our way from Cuneiform, starring the Robert Wyatt archival release...

Simon McKechnie - Clocks and Dark Clouds

You know you've got a proper prog album in your hands when the CD cover states "All words and music by Simon McKechnie except....4. music Simon McKechnie / words Albert Einstein." I wonder if Einstein has ever received a direct writing credit on an album before?

As if echoing the pioneering scientist's convoluted theories, the music on Clocks and Dark Clouds is highly complex, while, unlike Einstein, unless of course you're a math geek, being at the same time most enjoyable.

The gestation of this album was somewhat unusual. London based musician Simon McKechnie (pronounced "Makeknee") was suffering a rare neurological condition whereby the recovery process precluded any analytical work such as reading or even TV watching. What he could do was lie in bed and jam away on his guitar, and this is how these songs were born. The recording sessions were no easier, as a spinal problem meant he had to record all the instruments in a semi-prone position. Arising …