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Blow Up Hollywood - Blue Sky Blond

Striving to perfect the art of introspective and soul searching songwriting over the last 13 years, Steve Messina, as part of and co-founder of New York musical collective Blow Up Hollywood, has come up with an emotionally raw suite of songs on Blue Sky Blond, the band's fifth album of new material to date.

Their discography also includes the rather fine compilation Collections, an obvious place to start for the Blow Up Hollywood newbie, and the John Cage-like improvised electronic ambient minimalism of Stars End, which incidentally is no relation to the David Bedford work of the same name.

That Blue Sky Blond should come out now, at a personally difficult time in my life when the big questions seem to have taken up permanent residence in my sometimes fraught mind seems somehow fitting, and the album makes for a quietly uplifting companion in these unsettling times.

The album is bookended by four very dissimilar but ultimately ambient pieces, with Blond at the beginning, and at t…

Robotmonkeyarm - Parts One to Three

"If you're not foaming at the mouth, what's the point of making out, what's the point, what's the point?" cries out the angst-ridden voice through The Psychogenic Stomp!, the opening track to Part 3 of Robotmonkeyarm's barmy and uplifting charge through a comic book land of heightened and twisted reality, and who could argue with a statement like that?

This is another one that slipped under the radar, hardly surprising given the nature of these things, coming as it does from that alternate universe of undiscovered music that is Bandcamp. A lot of the music on that site is forgettable, but not this. Fusing Mike Patton influenced metal mayhem with punky surf music, electronica, chamber music, b-movie soundtracks, in fact just about everything you'll find in the modern musical kitchen, this band are possessed by a huge love of their craft and an ever-present progressive sensibility that takes them to places you would imagine Bongwater visiting had the af…

Miriodor - Cobra Fakir