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Tim Bowness - Abandoned Dancehall Dreams

Starting life as tentative ideas for a no-man album, Abandoned Dancehall Dreams morphed into Tim Bowness' second solo album, some ten years after his first, 2004's My Hotel Year. There is a big no-man connection on this new album, as the no-man live band is used on the record to great effect, along with some striking contributions from the guest musicians. The album is mixed by Steven Wilson, and mastered by Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson, a thoroughly professional set up that pays big dividends.

The album is a suite of loosely linked songs on the theme of loss, reminiscence, regret, resignation and longing, all set within the sometimes literal, sometimes metaphorical "abandoned dancehall" of the title. It brings a smile to recall that one of the best gigs I’ve been to in recent years was the Burning Shed 10th Anniversary bash, headlined by no-man at the Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms. This grand art deco venue, then not long restored from its former dilapidated or s…