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Il Ballo delle Castagne - Soundtrack for an Unreleased Herzog Movie

My last encounter with Italian musical mavericks Il Ballo delle Castagne was 2012's Surpassing All Other Kings, a Gothic-tinged Rock Progressivo Italiano album of some merit that nonetheless maybe tried just a little too hard.

This new album is an altogether different kettle of fish. As its title might suggest, Soundtrack for an Unreleased Herzog Movie is the musical backing for an imagined film by the famous German art-house movie director.

Herzog's grandiose trips into the filmic equivalent of Wagnerian drama, often with religious themes lend the band a neat tie-in to their own Gothic soundscapes.

Heavenly and slightly removed choirs illuminate opener In The Garden of Popol Vuh, itself paying tribute not just to the film maker but also to the iconic German band who contributed soundtracks to many of Herzog's films. Suitably low-key, this is followed by more tribute to Florian Fricke's marvellously ethereal band, as synth space whispers weave through harpsichord note…

Tom Slatter - Fit The Fourth

Elliott, the wizened great-great-great-grandson of Frankenstein has created a new monster. This he achieved by scraping some DNA from the purloined plectrums of Roy Harper and Nick Saloman, then mixing those strands together in a draught concocted from the musk of six saintly shrouded men, the stings of seven gypsy cuckoo bumblebees, and the spittle of Beezlebub and Bill Bailey. This vile brew was then left way down in the dank atramentous depths of Wookey Hole for exactly seventeen days, three hours and sixpence-halfpenny, whereupon Elliott returns to the potion and weaves his dark magic. There be a-stirring and a a-grunting, and afore ye know it, there stands before his creator a swivel-eyed loon babbling in a semi-coherent fashion about creatures escaping from laboratories, and men growing fins..."Where's me supper, master?"

Bbbbrrrringgg...bloody alarm...Meanwhile, back in the real world, Londoner Tom Slatter is a composer of songs, some rhyme, some ching, most of th…

Billy Bottle & The Multiple - The Power

Hey, what with the election looming what better time to STOP BEING SERIOUS and take a trip into the wacky fun-filled world of Billy Bottle and Martine Waltier, aka Billy Bottle & The Multiple.

When not cavorting around in the altogether promoting their love of naturism, or whatever it is they get up to down there in deepest Devon, these two warm hearted and lovable people make some rather good grooves.

After the critically acclaimed (well, by me, at least) and fabulouso Unrecorded Beam album of last year, the duo next popped up in the unlikely environs of TV talent show The Voice, where they wowed Mr will-i-am and the wider nation with their version of 1990 disco smasheroonie The Power...

Well, now you can enjoy a specially recorded version on one of those shiny disc thingies, encased in an individually knitted cosy, courtesy of Billy's mum. I kid you not. For those of you who prefer the intangible, it's yours via the interweb in a fantabulous stream of zeros and ones, pa…