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"Dirt behind the daydream"

Us lucky folk here in the UK get to express our five-yearly democratic right in a few weeks, to determine which shade of blue governs our Sceptered Isle for the next half-decade. Ho-hum...

What has that to do with music you may ask? Well, thinking about our soon-come election got me musing on the relationship between the creative arts and politics. With his or her naturally inquisitive nature the creative person exercises a freedom of thought and expression that goes hand in hand with the act of being creative. This can only give rise to a liberal outlook - that is "liberal" as in open to all influences and enquiring, with a healthy thirst for knowledge, not as in the reprehensible pact with Mammon that is "neo-liberalism". Sticking to musicians, as that is what I allegedly know a bit about, that is why the vast majority are, even if not directly political, naturally on the left side of the political spectrum. Open-mindedness and conservatism are not natural bedfel…

jh - Morning Sun - The Best Of jh

Jon Hunt aka "jh" is a London based singer-songwriter, and as such a slight departure from what usually gets written about on these pages. What gets him here is the eclectic nature of his work, and this compilation draws together tracks from his three albums to date.

With influences as diverse as Britpop, prog, post-rock and indie and much more, this compilation is the sound of a muse in a blender. As such it is stylistically diverse, but it works as a whole rather well, for it is held together by a keen ear for a tune and wryly observational and archetypal English lyrics often distilled through a metaphorical raindrop flecked window, keeping alive a modern pop tradition that goes back to the likes of Ray Davies. 

The wistfully reflective but still somehow summery groove of opener Next Time is followed by the Supergrass pop of I Wanna Spend My Summer With A Rich Girl and then by the longingly melancholic sigh of a song that is London Road.

Long gone are the days when I vainl…