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Winter Round Up

Another dust disturbance in the darkest corners of the virtual music shelf reveals these three collections of zeros and ones, and finds me wondering why I've not as yet had anything to say about these albums, and in the last instance how I even came across the album in the first place.

Ukandanz - AWO
Three years after the joyous romp of Yetchalal, their debut album, Ukandanz, purveyors of "Ethiopian Crunch Music" - see my review of Yetchalal for more info - return with AWO, which carries on the party in fine fashion.

A thumping mix of almost Zeuhl-like heavy rock and African stlyings, with a jazz topping, AWO is an even heavier beast than Yetchalal, and opener Tchuhetén Betsèmu will shake the neighbours awake with its Afro-Crimsoid jazz menace. Singer Asnaké Gèbrèyès goes for the jugular throughout in a style reminiscent of Skin from Skunk Anansie, as he also has a similar register to the aggressive follically challenged chanteuse.



Willie Oteri - Spiral Out