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Another one for a mere $1

Pay $1 (or more, up to you) for 25 blasts of modern prog!

$2 for 7 hours of music? A Bargain!

Interview with Seven Impale

Following on from reviewing their rather fine debut recording, the EP Beginning/Relieve a few weeks ago, Stian Økland (vocals and guitars) and Fredrik Mekki Widerøe (drums) from Seven Impale, a new band from Bergen, Norway, join me for a short chat during a break from planning the recording of their first album. 

Roger: Your EP Beginning/Relieve, which came out on 5th April on Karisma Records has been on heavy rotate since I received it from Karisma Records. Tell us a bit about your backgrounds and how the band came to be.

Stian: First of all we’re very happy to hear that you enjoyed our EP. Seven Impale was formed nearly three years ago in Bergen, Norway by me. I had been without a band in almost two years and was eager to start up something new and exciting. I was not to sure what I was aiming for musically, but in the winter of ‘09 I met Fredrik at The Mars Volta concert in Oslo. I knew him a little bit from before and knew that we had a lot of musical interests in common. Obviously…

Churn Milk Joan - Without a Horse + a retrospective

Hebden Bridge, in the scenic Calder Valley of West Yorkshire is known to those of us of a certain age as the home town of a certain Bernard Ingham, once the bulldog-like press secretary to That Bloody Mad Woman, or Margaret Thatcher as she likes to be known.

For some reason I initially wrote "likes" in the past tense, can't think why.

Anyway, it is not the sort of place one would associate with the hive of artistic endeavour that is Colin Robinson's shed. OK he probably works in a slightly more comfortable environment, but the cottage industry that is the Big Block 454 studio yesterday issued the fourth album by Colin's project Churn Milk Joan, a mere 16 months since their debut. Also within that same timeframe Colin has released a further two albums of experimental minimalistic ambience influenced by the local landscape under the name Jumble Hole Clough, which I need to investigate properly at a later date. Somehow the first word in the band name Churn Milk Joan…

Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance

Having neglected my "Formative Years" series for far too long, here's an album that, after The Faust Tapes, was my second tentative step in the direction of the strangely strange. Suitably enough, as if an excuse is needed, this month sees the (gulp) 35th anniversary of the release of The Modern Dance by Pere Ubu.

Becoming something of a musical sponge since the sharp left turn that my musical education masterclass (aka The John Peel Show) took at the tail end of 1976, coupled with the influence of The Bible (aka the NME), I ventured into town in April 1978 and towards its indie emporium of choice already emboldened by a liking for the more accessible end of Beefheart, Zappa and Robert Wyatt, all thanks to Mr Ravenscroft, and took a plunge on the NME's recommendation and bought the Datapanik In The Year Zero EP by a mysterious and faceless band going by the name of Pere Ubu hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. Yes, the same state that gave birth to Devo, sweet little puppi…