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Yugen - Iridule

Another band that I have arrived at after the train has left the station, Yugen are the rare kind of discovery that actually merits the word "progressive". Iridule, their third album, came out in 2010.

Vladimir Nabokov coined the word "iridule" as a description of the colour of a particularly vivid rainbow. Nabokov had a condition known as synesthesia whereby the sufferer, if that's the right word, for an artist may well see the condition as a gift, "hears" colours. If he were around today and came across the vivid spectograph of sound that is Yugen's Iridule he may have had to wear the aural equivalent of sunglasses, so expansive is this delightful work.

Literary references aside, this band sees the not inconsiderable combined talents of Francesco Zago (guitars, mostly) and Paolo Ske Botta (keyboards) dazzle us with playful and stunning complexity, but not for its own sake. Joined by their Italian colleagues and a veritable who's who of moder…