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Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted

It's fanboy time! But this time with a sigh, as right now Octane Twisted seems to be a logical conclusion to the career of Steven Wilson's long running mainstream prog rock band. You get the feeling that the music he's creating now is what he really wants to do, and continuing Porcupine Tree now that they have found a higher level of success could only result in artistic compromise, as the newer fans demand Fear Of A Blank Planet Part 2 (gawd forbid) or Another Incident (preferable, but it ain't Signify or The Sky Moves Sideways, is it?). There, told you it was fanboy time.

Back in October 2010 as we sat in the wonderful venue that is London's Royal Albert Hall, it seemed only natural that the pinnacle gig of Porcupine Tree's lengthy existence should have been recorded, and now, two years later we are treated to but three songs from that special performance on this album. According to Steven he felt that the performance back at the RAH was not that good, and s…

Neo-prog - a cryme too far

Neo-prog is a sub-genre that I have little time for, let alone understand why it even exists, so when I volunteered to be part of DPRP's "Round Table Review" for Galahad's latest waxing Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria I thought here's a chance to deliver some home truths. Then came the debacle in the aftermath of my good mate Baz's righteous shredding (pun intended) of prosaic prog-metal band Threshold's offering for the same site.

As we all know the internet is full of needy fat (in mind if not in body) nerds who seem to have nothing better to do than force their rancid opinions down the virtual gullet of anyone daft enough to engage them in conversation. One of the species, albeit a fairly mild example, took umbrage to Baz's ultimately bang-on review, and to cut a long story short, firstly I decided that my Galahad review, which would almost certainly have resulted in a similar feast of frenzy, was simply not worth the trouble; at the end of the day I …

Pokerface - Transeo

Pokerface is multi-talented Swede Stefan Heidevik and a plethora of session musicians and guests who have created a mind-melting mix of ultra-modern electronica and progressive musics that while at times redolent of the Pat Mastelotto/Trey Gunn project TU, has dug out its own deeply-ploughed furrow of synapse-stretching weirdness. That's a compliment, by the way!

You can listen to it here, while reading on...

Transeo by Pokerface

A mix of studio and live tracks, the latter sound more organic, more human, as indeed it should be. It seems a real drummer is used on Quicksand/Concrete in addition to electronic percussion and some really nice jazz trumpet.

Veering from future projected madly clattering Aphex Twin percussion to implied jazz and eerie soundscapes on Beginnings and Endings, this one track sums up the unusual auditory experience that awaits the listener on Transeo. This album is at once unsettling, edgy, discordant, but for all that strangely compelling.

The frenzied percu…

Dennis Rea - The Discography

...and now, following from The Interview, here's The Discography, in his own words, in chronological order, earliest first. Take it away, Dennis!

Earthstar: Salterbarty Tales(Moontower Records 1978)
My first appearance on record, as a guest contributor to my hometown friend Craig Wuest's electroacoustic project Earthstar. Craig soon relocated to Germany, where I later joined him for additional sessions. Earthstar had the distinction of being the only American group to participate in the German kosmische musik scene while it was still at its height.

Earthstar: French Skyline (Sky Records 1979)
The second Earthstar LP, recorded in Germany with electronic music legend Klaus Schulze producing and a cast of international musicians. I appear on a remix of a track that first appeared on Salterbarty Tales. (Titbit: This session was recorded on a recycled Popol Vuh master tape.)

Earthstar: Atomkraft? Nein, Danke! (Sky Records 1981)
The third Earthstar LP, also recorded in Germany a…