Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent

The 4011th Fall album includes the 11 minute epic "50 Year Old Man". "I'm a fifty year old man and I like it, I'm a fifty year old man, waddya gonna do about it?" proclaims the venerable Mr Smith, curmudgeon of this (and any other) parish. As a recent hitter of a glorious cover drive for 4 to reach the half century myself, of course I love this track to bits. The album as a whole will delight Fall fans as a fine example the best cut-up butchery you're likely to hear this side of Bend Sinister.

If you've stumbled across this review by accident and you've never heard of The Fall, you'll hate it, which makes it all the better in my opinion. Go back to your Muse albums and let us glower in the cave of our choice!

5 out of 5 or 0 out of 5, it's that black & white.

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