Thursday, 22 April 2010

Paul Cusick - Focal Point

Came across Paul Cusick via a rather clever link on Facebook along the lines of "If you like Porcupine Tree, try this". Now I always pride myself on not falling for ads, however well made they might be, but this intrigued me. On visiting Cusick's website I found to my surprise he was offering a download of the album for free.

Having downloaded and listened to the album a couple of times I took the plunge and bought the much higher quality cd. Those of you old enough will remember things called hi-fis and the appreciable increase in quality on one of those compared to the download is immeasurable.

The music is indeed for those who like Porcupine Tree, later Floyd, even Radiohead. A good variety of music is contained in the album and the songs are well structured. The whole thing flows together seamlessly. It won't win any awards for originality, and if it's edgy prog you're after, this ain't it, but for a debut produced on a no doubt tight budget it's well worth a listen.

3 out of 5

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