Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Brother The Wind - Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet

This 6 track album was recorded on analogue tape over the course of 2 hours of improvised jamming by Nicklas Barker, the guitarist from the mighty Anekdoten, along with Mathias Danielson (Makajodama) - Guitar, and Ronny Eriksson - Bass, Tomas Eriksson - Drums.

Some of it reminds me of Man at their most spaced out, 70s Hawkwind, Amon Duul 2, T2 and Bevis Frond also come to mind as does King Crimson (on the aptly titled Precious Sanity). The title track is a gossamer thin wafer of music - a thing of almost ethereal beauty. Shame it's the shortest track on the album.

The final track Death And Beyond takes off into the outer limits with some mighty fine soloing. A really nice piece of wigged out space rock for the freaks.

2010 is turning out to be a good year for improvised space rock what with this and the 30 minute plus epic by Frogg Cafe "At The Table Of The Leptons" on the download album On The Lillypadd. Buy both, turn out the lights and trip off into the far reaches of the universe!

3.5 out of 5

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