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Gazpacho - The Garage, Highbury, London, 28th March 2012

After a leisurely afternoon hunting down CD bargains and our usual pre-gig Chinese meal in Camden, Phil W and I made our way uptown to the venue, located in deepest Highbury, or Land of The Arse as some would have it (sorry, another football reference!).

The Garage is an all standing venue, holding about 700 when full, and I'd hazard a guess that tonight's crowd was somewhere between 350 and 400, so everyone had ample room to nod vigorously and jig from foot to foot, or in the case of the girl next to me, drink a lot and occasionally flail her arms about like a dysfunctional windmill.

At 8pm, Mikael and Thomas enter from stage right as we look, Mikael taking up his position over on the far side of the compact but not restrictive stage and Thomas installing himself behind his keyboards. They gently glide into Monument and are joined by the rest of the band bar Jan-Henrik and we are off into what will be a musical journey of over two hours, collectively celebrating splendid iso…

Gazpacho - March Of Ghosts

This is a band I've been aware of for some time yet only got into a year or so ago with the live offering London which I thought would be a good place to start. I was impressed but not overly so, as maybe I didn't "get" Gazpacho properly. Then came this album, which took a while to embed itself in my consciousness but is now one of the most frequently played CDs chez moi.

This album has everything, vast cinematic soundscapes, beautiful subtlety, fantastic atmospheres, intelligent and thought provoking lyrics and a way of drawing in the listener and leaving them with several glorious hooks, both musical and lyrical, playing on repeat in the synapses.

As well as being a prog tour de force this record has a crossover appeal, even to the extent of drawing the hard-to-win approval of my other half, who describes some of the more obtuse stuff I listen to as a "racket", bless her! If any band deserves wider recognition then, on the strength of this truly wonderful…

The Tangent - COMM

This sprawling missive can be read as an innocent's introduction to The Tangent as well as a review of COMM from last year. Enjoy!

If the average length of a CD is an hour, and if after allowing for 7 hours' kip per night somehow you were able to spend every waking minute of every day listening to music, you could theoretically cram in over 6000 CDs into a year's listening. Being a tad more reasonable about it, a music obsessive like yours truly probably listens to around four CDs' worth of music a day, and of that at least half is background music, as somewhere in there we have to eat, take the bins out, and even earn a living, so enjoying the delights of A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers at volume eleven while trying to reconnect a patient's synapses is probably inadvisable. Unfortunately, given the way that modern communication methods have enabled every Johnny come lately wannabe rock star with the ability to churn out an album of more often than not half-cocked a…