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OTEME - il giardino disincantato

Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse (Observatory of Dry Lands), or OTEME is the carefully nurtured musical child of Italian artistic polymath Stefano Giannotti, who formed the band in 2010 to play a mix of rock and chamber music. Back in 2012 an album, il giardino disincantato (The Disenchanted Garden) was issued forth to barely a ripple of response outside of Italy. That in itself is a crime, for this rates as one of the most, well, enchanting pieces of music I have come across in a long, long time. Indeed, I would not normally review a "new" album so long after release, but I shall make a deserved exception in this case.

This imagined observatory is the place from which Stefano throws his net for inspiration, catching anything that drifts by on the currents of collective conscience. As he puts it himself in the CD booklet:

"Today the composer could (and not should) take a stab at daily noise, information saturation,...the cows in the country...the ozone hole and could in …

Progstravaganza XVI- The Moon's Sphere

The long running Progstravaganza series of free-to-download samplers is the brainchild of my good friend, Prog Sphere's Nikola Savić, and aims to promote obscure bands that otherwise may get overlooked in this relentless internet age. These days it is so easy and relatively cheap to produce an album, especially if the eventually released format is the practically zero production cost digital only. There are hundreds if not thousands of them churned out every month, so it is no wonder that some gems get overlooked, hidden amongst more workaday fare. I'm being charitable with that last adjective, too.

With that in mind, over at DPRP I have joined with a couple of colleagues to form a triumvirate of scribes offering hopefully pithy summations of the dozens of tracks these compilations contain. There is an awful lot of chaff, but every now and then a gem is discovered. So, here we have Volume XVI, and this one is a bit different. While waiting for the next King Crimson to submit …