Sunday, 30 January 2011

Text Of Festival (8)

More visuals to complement my gig history...

U2 as support act for Slade at The Lyceum, London, 19/10/81...I remember thinking this band might make it, but hats off to Gary Bushell of all people in his review of the gig for spotting U2's drift towards pretentiousness so early in their careers: ".......the cracks beneath the bands polished edifice became more and more apparent. Firstly the newer material confirmed the impression that U2 are letting their pretensions run away with them, ........... secondly Bono's glum, self satisfied pronouncements became increasingly offensive as the night progressed. It seems like he's beginning to believe the messianic treatment he's getting from the self styled radical press---a real cotton wool job that lets him get away with outrageous nonsense..."
Mr Bushell was obviously more intelligent than his promoted yobo exterior would have had us believe.

Kraftwerk 1981
It's probably not from De Montfort, but is from that year's tour - freaky but marvellous!

The Rolling Stones - Wembley 1982
The Human Riff and his mates crank it up - with lots of crowd shots at the end - can't see me though...

David Bowie - Milton Keynes Bowl 3rd July 1983
It was very hot and sweaty...

U2 - Milton Keynes Bowl 22nd June 1985
Now global superstars, Bonio & Co headline what was actually a rather good gig. The other bands were REM, The Ramones, Billy Bragg & Spear Of Destiny. Here's a rather grainy but nostalgic (for me) photo montage:

More soon...

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