Monday, 3 January 2011

Trey Gunn - I'll Tell What I Saw

Best known for his pioneering work with the Warr Touch Guitar, and his application of same to the late 20th and 21st century King Crimson, since 1993 Trey Gunn has released numerous solo albums as well as albums with his Trey Gunn Band, and has collaborated with many left field artists worldwide. I'll Tell What I Saw is a double CD compilation covering his entire non-King Crimson career and a fine thing it is too!

Those familiar with his Crimsoid work will recognise the familiar Warr sound throughout, but rather than being derivative of KC, one has to remember he brought this sound to KC, not the other way round. Gunn also contributes fretless guitar, fretless bass and keyboards. The KC influence is inescapable though, and there are some Belew-like elephant squeals, and even some Fripp-like arpeggios, particularly on the later tracks. Also present throughout is a definite world music feel as he trawls through collaborations with Italians (NYX), Finns (KTU), Russians (Inna Zhelennaya - great voice & Sergey Klevensky & The Farlanders) and other fellow Americans. All of whom are new to me but definitely deserve more investigation.There are also the collaborations with KC percussionist Pat Mastelotto, The Quodia project (which is the heaviest thing here) - Mr Gunn sure is a busy man.

If you like Brian Eno's more bizarre instrumentals rather than his ambient work, or are familiar with later King Crimson, you'll certainly like this. Not for pop lovers!

Currently available to preview in full and to download at a reasonable $18 for over 2 hours of bendy noise.

Or get a hard copy

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3.5 out of 5

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