Friday, 31 December 2010

Text Of Festival (7)

Here's some pics and videos to go with the sprawling gig history...

Genesis at Knebworth 1978
My first gig in a field! Only £5.50!! It didn't rain!!!

A slideshow....

Reading Festival 1978
My first three day festival...three nights in a Vauxhall Viva! It still didn't rain!!

See that scrawny young lad with the beer can in the centre of the pic walking from left to right?.... I do believe that's yours truly!

...and here's video evidence of Steve Hillage onstage with cartoon punks Sham '69....

Ultravox! doing Slow Motion - great band.

Penetration - Life's A Gamble. I had a thing for Pauline Murray - anyone remember that great album by Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls?...wonder what became of her?

Reading Festival 1979
We had a tent this time. It rained, but only a bit...

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me. They were good fun...

Very little video footage other than Cheap Trick can be found, but here's a pic of a youthful looking Cure from the same festival.

Boys don't cry...

...and Peter Gabriel

Still in Rael guise

Reading Festival 1980
This was my last Reading Fest for some time as from here on in it became a hard rock/metal festival, attracting some right tossers both on stage and in the audience.

Here's the truly execrable White Spirit in action. Note the daft poses of the guitarist. I dare you to watch more than a minute!

....and in the audience, some tossers throwing cans

Rory Gallagher and last minute additions Slade apart, who were both great, I would rather have chewed my own arm off...

More next time..

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