Saturday, 2 April 2011

Text Of Festival (9)

Some more videos and pics from gigs of yore...

Not unsurprisingly I could not find a video of The Jazz Butcher performing on his home turf in 1985, but here's the band from the same year in Munich..

Again, no vids of The Fall from '85 at the fleapits where I saw them, but here are Mark E Smith's slaves at WOMAD in the same year. Brilliantly mad!

My last Glastonbury - a collage from the 25th Glastonbury Festival 1995, before it got toooo big for its own good...

The best band at Glasto '95....

The Pineapple Thief, Camden Underworld, London, Last month! Marvellous. I'm somewhere on the right out of shot, luckily for you!

A selection from Shoesville............

Arthur Lee at Northampton Roadmender 2004. I think the guy who shot this must be about 4'10"!

The Copemeister at Northampton Roadmender 2004. Nice hat.

José Gonzalez at Northampton Roadmender 2008

That's all folks!

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