Friday, 1 May 2015

Billy Bottle & The Multiple - The Power

Hey, what with the election looming what better time to STOP BEING SERIOUS and take a trip into the wacky fun-filled world of Billy Bottle and Martine Waltier, aka Billy Bottle & The Multiple.

When not cavorting around in the altogether promoting their love of naturism, or whatever it is they get up to down there in deepest Devon, these two warm hearted and lovable people make some rather good grooves.

After the critically acclaimed (well, by me, at least) and fabulouso Unrecorded Beam album of last year, the duo next popped up in the unlikely environs of TV talent show The Voice, where they wowed Mr will-i-am and the wider nation with their version of 1990 disco smasheroonie The Power...

Well, now you can enjoy a specially recorded version on one of those shiny disc thingies, encased in an individually knitted cosy, courtesy of Billy's mum. I kid you not. For those of you who prefer the intangible, it's yours via the interweb in a fantabulous stream of zeros and ones, packed as densely or as disparately as your ears may desire. With added glissando guitar and swelling organ, the tune turns into a psychedelic rap of energetically toe-tapping proportions. Mr & Mrs Bottle have made a typically charming video to go with it, with a touching tribute to Daevid Allen at the end...

The other songs on the single are La Belle Époque, an effortlessly funky ramble living in a bubble, cossetted from the harsh outside world, and O Nature, a cut from the band's Unrecorded Beam album, one of last year's best, yes sirreee! You know this already if you've read my gushing prose on the subject over at TPA.

Combining their good times vibe with the furrowed brows of election week, the pair are embarking on a whistle-stop train tour of the south of England ending up at Westminster under the banner "Don't Just Vote - Vote like it matters, act like like it doesn't" - these are the dates:

Fri May 1st. Phoenix Sound (Newton Abbot) 9am
(train arrival times) Teignmouth - 9:45
Dawlish - 11:03
Dawlish Warren - 11:50
Starcross - 12:58
Exeter St Thomas - 14:03
Exeter Central - 15:19
A detailed google map will show where they will be.
In the meantime here's an overview - with 6 stops in between.
Sat May 2nd Exeter - Bristol
Sun May 3rd Bristol - Southampton
Mon May 4th Southampton - Brighton
Tues May 5th Brighton - Canterbury
Weds May 6th Canterbury - Whitstable
Thurs May 7th Whitstable - Westminster (MILK FLOAT AWAITS)
CD copies of The Power EP will be to hand plus other goodies too!
Come and join the party...

More info HERE, including a Google Map of the route...
If you can't make that, groove up your Bank Holiday, and buy this West Country booty HERE.

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