Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Warmer Welcome

Many thanks to Colin Robinson of Jumble Hole Clough infamy, via whom I am made aware of this rather fine 110 - yes, that's One Hundred And Ten! - track compilation lovingly and meticulously put together by the obviously publicity-shy "Ruby & Lamorna" in aid of the Refugees Welcome collective, who provide much needed support, sustenance and shelter for the embarrassingly few refugees our dreadful government allow on to this sceptered isle. For a mere five of your English or Scottish pounds sterling, or more if you're feeling munificent, you can download this one third day-long journey into every kind of music, radical or not, that you would care to wave your cleft stick at.

There be folk, there be reggae, there be funk, there be skewed pop, heck, there's even some rock of the "post", "avant" and "space" varieties, and of course bucketloads of general wigginess, but mostly there be beats a-plenty to shake one's booty at to one's heart's desireé, yessir!

Here it is, in all its splendiferousness, and if you think I'm providing a track listing....just enjoy!

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