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Sh*tg*n - Sh*tg*n

MoonJune Records are a label who love to take risks with hitherto little-known bands from all corners of the globe. A linking theme seems to be jazz-fusion or jazz-rock, either as the main element or as a fairly large influence.

Claiming to be "Psychotic Pompous Contemporary Heavy Metal" on their website, Sh*tg*n (pronounced, maybe disappointingly, "Shotgun") take the MoonJune template and shred it with an angle-grinder before gleefully dancing on the remains. To say this album is atypical of this fine label's output is somewhat of an understatement!

This band are undoubtedly heavy metal, but in a genre with as many confusing sub-strata as the Ganges Delta has tributaries, these angry Belgian loons seem to have created their very own niche. Name me another metal band that prominently features the vibraphone, if you can. I'm no expert in this murky nether region of rock'n'roll, but I'm guessing there aren't any. This strange coming together …

Slivovitz - Bani Ahead

This will be first in a series of "catch up" reviews, where for one reason or another a growing CD pile has been allowed to partly obscure the right side of the monitor on my desk. Numero uno in the tidy up is Bani Ahead by Slivovitz. Enjoy!

Not so much jazz fusion as a jazz rock orchestra, Italian band Slivovitz released this, their third album and second on MoonJune Records last year to widespread acclaim, and it now falls to me to follow the praise others have heaped on this fine album.

The eight songs on Bani Ahead were written between 2009 and 2011 and were recorded almost entirely live at Zork Studio in Buccino in south western Italy and mixed by Peppe de Angelis at his studio in Sorrento, which is a truly beautiful part of the world to work in, the lucky sod!

The strange cover picture above may well vindicate the Romanian translation of the album title as "Money Ahead", who knows? If not, blame Google Translate!

Now for the important part, the music. Featuri…

Get 'Em Out By Tuesday

The date in the unspoken lyric in the classic Genesis song Get 'Em Out By Friday "18/9/2012 t.v. flash on all dial-a-program services" comes around on Tuesday, and this has the effect of making me feel really quite old indeed, as Foxtrot was the first Genesis LP I bought new, aged 14, some two years after its release, and the date "18/9/2012" seemed unbelievably far in the future at the time...ho-hum.

As if an excuse were needed, my good DPRP colleague and student of the prog, one Mr Basil Francis, thought this would be a good time for a small but perfectly formed feature on the most quintessentially English of the prog originals.

What we're going to do is list four key Genesis songs and a fave album each, because...well, because we can.

These are Baz's:

Stagnation (Trespass) - One of the key songs from this oft-underrated album (I believe Roger has the other one covered). One of Genesis' first 'musical journey' songs, Stagnation taps into…

Tales From The Bottom Of The Glass (1)

This is the first in an occasional series of cynical blasts and bile-filled spleen-venting from Roger McNasty, our man at the bar, located somewhere in the back of beyond of the cerebal cortex of Astounded By Sound!

McNasty, a man with the whiff of stale alcohol and with the lived-in look of a soon to be demolished tower block sits at the bar of the muso's pub of choice "The Taming Of The Crew" nursing a two-thirds empty bottle of JD while observing muso life walk in and out of his severely disturbed psyche.

Well, there I was sat on my usual bar stool...well, truth be known, I was stuck to it, but that's another story; when who should amble up to the bar but Chris Gentlemass, the nine-foot bass player with Yes copyists Suncottage Jelly Mallet, nine times winners of CRPP's Fragile At The Edge award. "'Ow do Chris?" sez moi "How's tricks in the world of slavish mimicry?"Then he regales me with this sordid tale:

Apparently their singer, on…

Jay Tausig - The Trip Around The Sun

Or, to give it its full title:
The Art Of Ed Unitsky And The Music Of Jay Tausig

A Cosmic Journey Through The Zodiac The Trip Around The Sun

One of the reasons I got into this reviewing lark was to satisfy an addiction for the new, the unheard. Well, this guy has made me realise that there are never going to be enough hours in the day, days in year, or years in a lifetime to do much more than scratch at the surface of the music that is out there. OK, I kind of realised that the hours and hours of music released every year, even within a genre, far surpasses the time available to any one individual to experience even a modest percentage of it. However, Jay Tausig alone alone has a discography that makes me go “woah!” A casual glance at his website reveals he has made 7 albums since 2004, as well as numerous appearances on various tribute albums, the first being 1995’s VdGG tribute Eyewitness, to which Jay contributed three songs. I bought this album when it came out, but in those pre-int…

Classic Prog Awards

While I grudgingly respect Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine for bringing a much-maligned genre some attention it wouldn't otherwise get, it lets itself down badly by being far too Brit-centric, favouring the same tired old clich├ęs, and latterly but most off-putting by being hideously expensive.

Last night saw their first annual prog awards beano, an event that even got a report on BBC Breakfast this morning, so, again kudos for reminding the world at large that prog still exists. Then it shoots itself in the foot by having a ceremony that was...well, regressive rather than progressive.

Here's the awards list in full:

NEW BLOOD: TesseracT
I can't comment as I've not heard them. Would they be dominated by loud keyboards perchance? Oi, you there, stop being so cynical....;) Right, I've listened to them now....aaaarggh...a cookie monster. Not my cup of lark's vomit but not in the way I was expecting at all...ho-hum.

LIVE EVENT: Anathema
This category is ridiculo…