Monday, 29 August 2011

Oresund Space Collective - Entering Into The Space Country

Caught as they drifted past overhead amongst some space debris, the robotic arm retrieved these two albums which show two contrasting sides to the multi-national jamming space-rock combo known as The Oresund Space Collective.

This amorphous musical co-operative revolve around the core of synth wizard Scott Heller aka Dr Space, and normally feature at least two guitarists, bass, other keyboards and drums. So, being of a certain vintage, with a line up like that I am immediately put in mind of 70s space rockers Man, amongst others.

Starting with the newer of the two albums, released in June this year, Entering Into The Space Country, first track Born Between Stars shifts through the gears around a simple enough structure, hitting a good groove about halfway through, and propels one along at a fair rate of knots, with some almost Hendrix like soloing later on. More Ozrics than Man, and at twenty two minutes long this is what one might term a typical OSC track, and fans of the band will not be disappointed. Rising Tides And Floating Nebulas - now, to my mind this is the sound that Man did all those years ago (try Spunk Rock off Greasy Truckers - a massive wigout and still in my all time top ten live performances after nearly 40 years!) and for once I don't mind a band being a bit backward looking, as any band that can rock with the spirit of the much missed Micky Jones is alright by me. Things gently float back to ground with Red Earth Calling, it's been a good trip.

Entering Into The Space Country


1. Born Between Stars (22:24)
2. Rising Tides And Floating Nebulas (14:10)
3. Red Earth Calling (7:41)

Total Time: 44:15

Line up: (May not be entirely accurate!)

- Stefan / guitar
- Kaufmann / drums
- Nick / guitar
- Jiri / bass
- Claus / guitar
- Mogens / synths
- Dr. Space / synths
- Johan / guitar
- Mathias / pedal steel, guitar

Listen and buy here:

3 out of 5

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