Saturday, 26 November 2011

Truthseeker - Weightless At Dawn

A truly massive sound is made by this young Bostonian band of, well I suppose post-rockers is as close a description as you'll get from me. Like Mogwai at their most animated but with more of a sense of melody, and coming from a more rock oriented direction, thunderous distorted bass and crashing Bonham style drums played by a guy who is apparently a death metal drummer playing slow beats accompany the life-affirming layered, fuzzed and densely reverbed guitars all of which are very loud but not noisy, if you get my drift.  A psychedelic swirl collides with heavy and post rock to create an uplifting tidal wave of pre-post-rock (heheh). It all comes to a joyous climax on the last song Through The Waves, and at 23 minutes this EP deserved to be longer.

Leader, bassist and songwriter Brendan James Hayter has come up with a simple but emotional and wide-angled vista for these five instrumentals on this their debut EP, originally released via Bandcamp on 25th September, and it bodes well for the debut album, which is said to take a heavier and more progressive direction. I await with bated hearing devices, being a big fan of Amplifier who are the epitome of heavy meets progressive, but without all that generic downtuning that makes a lot of bands in that style sound too similar. If Truthseeker keep up the inventiveness shown on this EP then they'll have no problems standing out from the crowd.

1. Daybreak (4:09)
2. Permafrost (7:10)
3. Storm (4:39)
4. Submerged (2:08)
5. Through The Waves (5:02)

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