Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kayo Dot pre-order

Those nice people at Kayo Dot celebrate their 10th anniversary of highly individualistic noise creation this year. They also have a new album in the works that comes in Deluxe and Standard 3-LP versions, and for those of us stretched of wallet, a download only version. The preview below, an unmastered 13-minute snippet of tantalising sound, only serves to up the anticipation.

The band are taking pre-orders to pay for the cost of mastering and manufacturing, and one hopes that they reach their target.

Now for the bad news:

Thanks to some eye-watering price rises by the US Postal Service, p&p to anywhere outside the North American continent for the 3-LP package is a hefty $35. That's $3 more than the stand alone cost of the Standard package!

Of course, the only other way a potential purchaser could get their hands on the artwork and lyrics, and whatever else is on offer, would normally be in CD format, which is not being offered here because the band tell me they actually lost money printing CDs versions of the last album.

They tell me that if there is sufficient demand for a CD to make a run economically viable then it will be done, but it does not look promising to be honest. Frankly it is a bit of a "chicken and egg" situation as without the option to pre-order a CD how can they tell what the demand for a CD is anyway? The more voiciferous fans, me included, may have made our feelings known via email, etc, but I strongly suspect we are going to be a minority of those who would actually buy a CD.

That leaves the download option, but it just ain't the same for an old fart like me, I'm afraid. I want a tangible object that I don't have to feel guilty at having spent too much cash on every time I pick it up, thank you very much.

If you are still tempted, and I must admit my hand has hovered ober the "buy" button more than once, then find out more here:

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